A Bird’s Eye View – We Know Local

Location, location, location!

The very first step of all of our advertising proposals begins with where your business is positioned.  No two locations are exactly alike – even if they are two streets away.  Our teams take pride in the fact that amongst the hundreds of our various clients’ locations across the country we work with, we have successfully cracked the code on reaching customers on a local level.

Using unique software, we at J Miller are able to zoom in and out of each area of the country to plan accordingly.  Your business is initially plotted and we then overlay our various queries (zip code, county, DMA, etc.) needed for a full view.  We also layer in competing and non-competing services in each market to help us plan accordingly. Where are the highway systems in the area? Is there a college or university close by?  These answers are all discovered in the initial planning process.

Although we are not physically located near most of them, the right technology allows us to get a bird’s eye view of each store, surrounding stores/markets.  We find some markets are nicely spaced out relative to the number and proximity of each business concept, with a large distance between two businesses who market to the exact same customer.  There are other markets, however, where the opposite occurs.  Often times we see two of the same businesses only a few miles away from each other.  We then need to work cooperatively with each client to ensure such close proximity of locations do not create a cannibalization effect on sales.

Being Hyperlocal is what we know.  Niche marketing options continue to grow online and in the palm of your hand.  We strategically vet out such opportunities that make sense for your brand and your customer with the right message that makes sense for where your service is located.  Whether it is a Pandora plan, online element, radio plan or writing a script we are able to visually plan our customized marketing recommendations around your unique market from the start.

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