Do We Have Your Attention?

Headlines aren’t just for newspaper articles anymore. A headline can be the subject line of an email, the first line of copy on a web page or the bit of text seen on a web banner. Most importantly, a headline is what will grab a customer’s attention and make them want to dig deeper.

No matter what form, a headline should get your customer to stop scanning and start reading. Five times as many people will read a headline over body copy in any marketing piece so it needs to be strong to push them over the edge.

There are two forms of headlines that work best – teaser and benefit. A teaser headline relies on the curiosity of the reader to intrigue them and tempt them into reading more. A benefit headline implies that the reader will be rewarded for reading on whether it is with a money-saving promotion, time-saving solution or something else along those lines.

Email subject lines are a special form of headline that stand alone with little to no supporting text. This headline is crucial in convincing the reader to open an email. Email subject lines are most successful when kept short, but they are never an exact science. Every audience and market is different and testing subject lines is the best way to determine what form of headline – teaser or benefit – works best for you.

A strong headline, especially in the form of an email subject line, can be the difference between a decent customer turnout and a profitable one.

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