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Yesterday we here at J Miller Marketing had the pleasure of hosting our first official Google Partners Connect webinar and Q&A (one of the many benefits of being a certified Google Partner). The topic of the day was the “Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Local Business Online” presented by one of our favorite AdWords luminaries, Frederick Vallaeys (@siliconvallaeys). In addition to Vallaeys presentation there was a short presentation by Google about the importance of Micro Moments. If you haven’t heard of Micro Moments yet get out from the rock you’ve been living under and acquainted with the concept because it is about to be the king of all digital buzz words usurping past favorites like responsive design, retargeting, and content marketing. We’ll save Fred’s presentation for a follow up post because Micro Moments are so important they need their own space!

What Are Mirco Moments?

Micro Moments are those “I want to know/go/do/buy” moments during the day where an idea pops into your head and you grab your phone and start searching.  During these moments customers are the most receptive to engagement from advertisers which is why it is important to have a strategy for winning them.

Example: It’s the first fantastic day of summer and Ann wants to go for a refreshing float in her pool but, much to her dismay, her float from last year hasn’t survived the harsh Chicago winter. She grabs her phone and searches “pool floats”. She sees a bunch of paid search ads promoting floats but they are either too expensive or for online vendors that would take days to arrive. She wants to float TODAY gosh darn it! Then she spots an ad for a local pool supply store, Mike’s Pools, just a few miles away and their prices are very affordable. One store visit later and Ann’s relaxing in the pool catching some rays the victim of a perfect Micro Moment execution by Mike’s Pools.

These sorts of Micro Moments happen hundreds of thousands of times a day. They are spur of the moment searches where people want the information as fast as possible. They want instant gratification – they do not want to wait for shipping times nor do they want to click through several pages to find what they are looking for.

Winning The Moment

For a local business to win these Micro Moments you need to:

  1. Be There –Anticipate what your customer needs are to ensure you show up when they search. if Mike’s Pools hadn’t been running an ad on the keyword “pool floats” they would have lost the Moment.
  2. Be Useful – Provide the typical information customers are looking for in your ad. Again if Mike’s Pools hadn’t shown that they were nearby via Location Extensions and talked about the prices of their floats that ad wouldn’t have been useful to the searcher. Moment lost once again.
  3. Be Accountable – After the search has happened you have to make sure your store is following through on the promise of your ad. If the prices had been different from what the ad said when you went to the store not only could Mike’s Pools have lost the sale but lost a potential customer forever due to the bait and switch.

Micro Moments are something we think about with each and every one of our clients and hopefully now that you know a little more about them you’ll be thinking about it as well. As the whole world shifts to mobile devices winning the Micro Moment is going to be a key for any successful local advertising campaign.

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