Employee Spotlight: Mike Peters

Mike Peters, Director of Digital Media:

Rumor has it you’re a total paid search hot shot. Tell us more. Way back in 2009 I managed a paid search campaign in the most competitive vertical on the internet: Mesothelioma law. Thanks to the multi-million dollar settlements these cases were getting, competition had driven costs crazy high–over $120 a click! That paid search campaign ended up winning the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association’s “Best Paid Search Campaign of the Year”, beating out the likes of H&R Block and the movie Avatar. Take that, James Cameron!

What’s your favorite thing about working at J Miller? The positive work atmosphere! Some days I’ll come in to work and find an impromptu dance party in Jen’s office (of which I had to respectively bow out of due to a *cough* knee injury playing hockey) and other days I’ll be posed in a ridiculous picture involving wands for our Facebook page. You can either shy away and not participate in the craziness or you can embrace it. As my ever expanding costume and prop collection can attest–I’ve embraced it.

What’s your spirit animal? Honey Badger.

And, finally, spring is on the way! Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to? As an Atlanta transplant the thing I’m most looking forward to in the spring is not having to deal with sub-zero temperatures and getting some serious cooks going on my grill. Nothing like spending the whole day cooking a brisket low and slow!

On that note, we have to insert this shameless plug for Mike and his adorable sous chef:Cookin’ it with Mike & Madison

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