Taking Personal Shopping Offline

From either side of the sales counter, it’s obvious that the retail landscape is changing in response to consumer habit. In recent years, retailers that were once household names are now defunct and entire malls have closed up shop altogether. In favor of efficiency, many shoppers don’t hit the stores at all–instead seeking out one-stop websites or hiring online personal shopping services. But don’t despair: The world of resale retail already possesses exactly what consumers are looking for-we just have to better merchandise it.

The online space is awash with personal shopping services like Stitch Fix, Gwynnie Bee, Stylit, Wantable and more. These sites manifest the need for a personalized shopping experience, with the convenience of a one-stop-shop. But what if our resale retail brands could go a step further?

Popping up amidst the personal shopping sites are resale outlets like ThredUP, Swap, Poshmark and Tradesy. For these sites’ consumers, there’s no stigma associated with finding value in secondhand goods. Moreover, the fact that so many secondhand sites are thriving indicates that a great deal of potential inventory is being funneled online–meaning it’s time for brick and mortar to get its cheese back.



1)    Personal Shopping. Members of subscription personal shopping services understand the value of a fashion-forward eye looking out for you. Has your shopper expressed interest in a particular pair of jeans? As she heads to the dressing room, purposefully select a complimentary top to complete the look. She feels catered to and your sales rise–it’s a win-win.

2)    Convenience. Online sites often offer the opportunity to receive goods from multiple brands in one purchase. Similarly, resale touts the ease of shopping a variety of labels all under one roof. The possibilities are endless and no store hopping is needed! And better yet? Your shoppers can sell their clothes for same day cash–no trips to the post office or shipping delays involved.

3)    Unique Style. Online style sites go out of their way to promise shoppers won’t be wearing the same outfit as someone else. And with a uniquely compiled collection of merchandise, resale retail stores similarly ensure that looks created in store will never appear off-the-rack.

4)    Value. Any online site can tout great prices but resale has the ability to offer everyday low prices–no sale or clearance event required. And while the margin for savings is closing as traditional retailers slash prices the moment items hit the racks, one clear benefit of secondhand shopping is that the burden of depreciation is on the original owner. Every item purchased at a resale price is a safe bet!


Now flex your muscle! Build confidence in your staff. Teach them to sell and motivate follow through. As our girl Glinda once said, “You’ve always had the power… You just had to learn it for yourself.” And you just might wish you’d learned it sooner!

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