What’s in a name?

2014 was a year that prompted pause and reflection at J Miller Marketing. We heard your frustrations: You wanted all of your media placement under one roof. And our frustrations were one and the same: We wanted to be able to strategize big picture; we wanted to apply our thorough knowledge of your brand, your market and your media and allocate your budget intelligently. The driving force that motivated us to expand into the digital space was that we wanted to do right by you–our clients.

2015 has been a year of tremendous growth, change and learning at J Miller Marketing. We’ve morphed into nothing less than an all-star team: Highly specialized in both traditional and digital ad placement, with over 13 years of resale retail and franchise experience, and with honesty, ethics and integrity guiding our every move. While other businesses see a swollen bottom line as the end goal, your success is what continues to drive us.

To date, we’ve been humble about our accomplishments in the digital space. We’ve never claimed to be something we’re not; for years we’d turn away digital budgets because we were still honing our skills in that arena. But we’ve since adapted and we’ve done it the right way. And as we near the final stretch of 2015, we think it’s time to toot our horn a bit–becausewe’ve come a long way, baby!

Our digital department consists of an in-house, AdWords certified team! But we don’t stop there because we know continuing education is critical. Beyond the Fundamentals exam, our digital department is systematically passing each of Google’s specialty exams–Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping. We’re proud to have ourselves a unicorn of sorts as well: Our Online Media Department Manager is in fact a Google Specialist having passed all of Google’s certification exams. And doing things the right way pays off: In 2015 we’ve already been recognized by Google for our growth and implementation of best practices. By always taking the high road and demonstrating our J Miller work ethic, we’re well on our way to becoming a Google Partner!

Now we encourage you to do a bit of reflection: What are the guiding principles behind yourdigital team? Are you more than just a number? Do they understand the nuances of yourmarket? Are they in-house and accountable? Are all of the individuals you work with accredited? If you’re not sure, ask them! And then maybe ask yourself: Who do you want onyour team in 2016?

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